Monthly Archives: November 2010

Three Flash Pieces

OK, now it’s time for the final instalment of the Nine Words saga that has been ongoing for a while. This time, the brief was to create three interactive pieces using Flash, triggered by words chosen from the nine. My AS3 programming is not very advanced so I’ve not been able to get as conceptual as I did with the Processing pieces, but so it goes. All three rely to varying degrees on the rather nice Hype Framework, which simplifies some aspects of AS3 to let you get going a bit more easily. Click on the pictures to play with the pieces.

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Nine words, nine Processing sketches

Following on from my nine images and one video, the next part of the brief was to use Processing to create a response to the same nine words. I’ve included the code for each, as per the brief, although WordPress unfortunately mangles Processing’s nice auto formatting. It also makes this post very long, but you can skip through all the code sections if you’re so inclined. Without further ado…

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