Monthly Archives: October 2010

Processing sketches: lottery number visualisations

Following on from my previous posts about the nine words we’re using as inspiration, I thought I’d show some of the ideas I’ve been playing with in the third phase of the project, which is using Processing to create images. The images here demonstrate some of the things I really like about Processing, like the way that an idea can be reworked quickly and easily to create images which can be interesting visually and conceptually.

All the images in this post are linked with the single word ‘serendipity’. Inspired by the works of people like Ben Fry and Jer Thorp, who work on large scale data visualisations, I decided to plug in some results from the UK’s National Lottery and see what I could come up with. All the results were taken from this archive.

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9 Words- One Video

Following on from my recent Nine Images post, here’s a video equivalent. I spent a lot of time thinking up obscure ways to link the nine words (ambiguity, ephemeral, loop, serendipity, utopia, crash, condition, diaphanous, and sequential) with short videos. In the end I decided to be pretty literal with my interpretation of the words and instead to make the presentation of the videos more interesting by combining them into one visual assault.
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